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  • Hi Rob, Yes we are back in ‘civilisation’, but I’d probably rather be in Kenya. What a beautiful country, I just loved it. It has become one of those countries that just gets under my skin. The managers and hosts at all the properties were brilliant. We really enjoyed the hosting side of the holiday, which was something I hadn’t really considered prior to the trip. Such a good way to immerse yourself in Kenyan life. We really liked the people we stayed with and I do believe I hugged a few of our hosts as we left! The game watching side of the trip was superb. So much more that I had imagined. So many elephants! We saw just about everything I think, apart from male lions. But we certainly heard them. The guides had so much knowledge and clearly enjoyed their jobs. They hadn’t lost any enthusiasm for spotting animals, nor looking after guests with breakfast on the go. The whole thing was great from start to finish. The food was fantastic and plentiful. The kids said the pools were too cold and I agree with that, but went in anyway! You also said to tell you of sightings. At Ol Malo we witnessed four wild dogs chasing some prey right across our path. They returned with pieces of the unlucky beast in their mouths and rushed off under some bushes to gorge themselves. Apparently this was a rare sighting so we were very lucky. So thank you very much Rob, to you and your team. It really was the most wonderful trip. It was worth all the research and tweaking of the itinerary in the early stages and we will have memories of it for a long time.

    Carissa, Andrew and family travelled to Kenya
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When to Travel & Seasons

Kenya seasons and weather – When to see the migration

The dry seasons in Kenya are generally from mid-June to October, and from late-December to mid-March, and game-viewing is best at these times. Only a limited number of camps and lodges are open in the wettest months of November, April and May. However, rain can be experienced at any time of year, and the seasons on the coast are slightly different.

Day time temperatures and humidity are affected by altitude but it is generally warm to hot throughout the year (averaging around 28C but slightly higher from October to March). Night time temperatures also vary considerably according to altitude, but aside from the Mount Kenya and Aberdare highlands, rarely fall to low single figures (areas such as the Laikipia and Masai Mara might see low double figures at night and during the rains).

On the coast, temperatures are high year round (averaging around 30C). The best conditions are found from October/November to March/April when the Kaskazi wind blows gently from the north-east. This is also the most humid time. From April/May to September/October, when the Kuzi ‘monsoon’ wind blows more strongly from the south-east, sea conditions can be choppy and certain beaches affected by seaweed. During this time, snorkelling and diving options could be restricted.

The wildebeest and zebra migration season in the Masai Mara is from mid-July to late October. Please see wildlife highlights for more information.