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  • Hello Rob, we able to get within 25 yards of four of the big 5 (Leopard the exception none seen), and numerous other close encounters with antelope, hippo, hyena, warthog, the classics with Kitonga on Lewa Walking Wild being 1) tracking two male lion for best part two hours and then after it was clear to Kitonga they had split, he only peeked round a thicket to find one of them sunbathing his undercarriage about 15/20 yards away and it did not know we were there until his brother roared from 40/50 yards away and they both ran off, and 2) getting into a downwind position from a mother white rhino and her sub adult kids (3 years and 6 years per Kitonga) and they finally realised something was there when we were 15 yards apart. The mother for a minute or two continuously put one step forward and then back again as if she was indecisive whether to charge but clearly could not see what we were. Kitonga finally clicked his fingers and the rhino retreated 30 yards or so and then stared at us as if to think “what the hell was that”. Basically what I am saying is that I absolutely loved it and when mates who asked how much it cost I said it was well worth it. So many thanks Rob your message got through to Kenya loud and clear as to what I wanted and I got it!

    Graham from Essex spent two weeks on three different walking safaris in Kenya
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The Kenya Coast

The Kenya coast offers numerous excellent beach options to consider after your Kenya safari. In the far north are Kiwayu, Lamu and Manda Islands, offering lovely open beaches, a relaxed atmosphere, some interesting culture and exclusivity away from large coastal resorts. In the far south, Funzi Island is a relatively unknown beach option combining comfort and escapism.

The central coastal region is dominated by the better known centres of Mombasa and Malindi/Watamu. To the south of Malindi is the beautiful Watamu Marine Park which offers good snorkelling opportunities. To the north of Mombasa, the Nyali and Bamburi beaches offer a range of large hotels, whereas to the south, the famous Diani beach has a mixture of both large beach resorts and small, exclusive beach houses.

Deep sea fishing is excellent along the whole Kenya coast (September to March is best), whilst scuba diving is best from Malindi southwards.

There are two main prevailing winds – those from the north-east (called the ‘kaskasi’) blow from around October to March/April, whilst those from the south-east blow from April/May to September/October (known as the ‘kusi’). The south-easters produce choppier seas and poorer snorkelling and diving conditions, but with the increased wind offer excellent sailing and wind surfing.

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