Samburu Game Reserve


  • Chris and Susan from Canada travelled to Kenya, Rwanda and TanzaniaHello Rob, we had a successful adventure of a lifetime. Every day brought us a new sense of amazement. Thanks to your attention to detail, everything continued to go smoothly for the entire trip. We enjoyed the differences in landscape and wildlife at each new location. We were still seeing new things on our very last day. Before we left for the Nairobi airport we added the tree hyrax to our list of sighted species and we adopted an orphaned elephant named Mbegu. We were never disappointed. All the lodges, hosts, guides, staff, accommodations and meals exceeded our expectations. Your recommendations were perfect for us. The charter flights between locations gave us new perspectives on the landscapes. It is impossible to choose one favourite moment of the trip. Highlights included the entire Greystoke Mahale experience, the emotions we felt as we watched the Silverback with his family at Virunga, Lewa House with our hosts Sophie and Callum (and my new favourite animal, the baby white rhino), camping under the full moon and stars at the water hole in Laikipia with the leopard visiting at night, tenting with the hippos serenading us at Ngare each morning and a visit from a genet while we spent a night in the treehouse at Ngare. We can’t thank you enough for having made an itinerary that has given us so many cherished memories.Chris and Susan from Canada travelled to Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania

    Chris and Susan from Canada travelled to Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania
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Samburu Game Reserve, Buffalo Springs & Shaba National Park

Samburu is a relatively small reserve, but is continuous with two further protected areas, the Buffalo Springs Game Reserve and Shaba National Park, and some surrounding community lands offering low-impact tourism. The reserves lie at an altitude of around 3000’ about 100 kms north of Mount Kenya, and have a typical semi-arid habitat comprising essentially of acacia bush thicket, doum palm groves, and riverine woodland opening out into patches of saltbush grasslands and seepages. The Ewaso Nyiro River is the region’s lifeline, and responsible for the large animal populations, especially elephant and leopard, viewings of which are excellent. Other key game species found in these northern areas, include Grevy’s zebra, Reticulated giraffe, Beisa oryx and the long necked gerenuk. The bird species are representative of the drier habitat, and include such delights at the vulturine guineafowl and golden breasted starling.

The people of the region include the colourful Samburu (cousins of the Maasai), the Sakuye, Ndorobo, Somali and Boran. The Samburu can often be seen on the borders of the reserves tending to their livestock.

Samburu and Buffalo Springs are very busy reserves, but Shaba and the low-impact community lands offer greater exclusivity.

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