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  • Hi Mary, Many apologies for not contacting you to say a big thank you for organising the trip but I suspect we have all been caught in a Botswana bubble!!!! It was a great itinerary! The camps were all very different and enabled us to have a real insight into Botswana. It was ideal to end at Pelo Camp with a laid back and really remote environment having experienced the rather chi chi Duma Tau and the authentic Savuti Camp. The guides were solicitous and knowledgeable and the staff friendly and welcoming. The highlights…. The welcome and choirs at the camps, The fireside bars, The hot water bottles aka bush buddies, The superb setting for cocktails, The amazing array of wildlife flora and fauna. So as you can tell a great success. Many thanks.

    Suzanne from London travelled to Botswana



By way of introduction to the regions of Botswana, we first want to dwell on the Kalahari Basin, which contrary to being a specific area, is in fact the largest continuous stretch of sand in the world, from South Africa in the south to the Congo in the north. Thus it can be said that all the regions specified below fall within this greater ecosystem, and could all be called ‘the Kalahari’! However, the influence of various great waterways has allowed many of these regions to develop so that they no longer offer typical Kalahari conditions.