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  • Dear Rob: What a trip! Your planning was perfect and its execution was nearly flawless. We were particularly impressed with the system which seamlessly passed us from one service provider to the next without a single hitch. The Islands of Siankaba was delightful, the management attentive and hospitable, the experience, helicopter flights, elephant rides etc., thrilling. Ntwala wasn’t quite as luxurious as the Dorchester, but it was not far off that mark. Sandibe was the perfect combination of tranquility and excitement. Our guide, Tschabo, was terrific. Lebala was the prize. Not necessarily because of the accommodations, which were just adequate; not because of the food, which was ample and delicious; not because of the staff whose unfailing kindness and good humor were constant. But rather for our guide: Dux Mareja. I don’t know what kind fate put him in charge of our little group, but it was a godsend. In short, it was a marvelous trip, and we thank you profusely.

    Dean, Lynn, Ben and Chris travelled to Zambia and Botswana