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  • Dear Safari Consultants team, we returned home today, and Sylvia has already rung to leave special thanks to Mary for arranging our wonderful trip. Everything worked flawlessly (except when I managed to leave a bag behind – see separate email thanking those who remedied the situation for me). The locations were all excellent and there were none that we left without regret, whilst also of course looking forward to the next. The guides and camp teams were all impressive. We have returned with unforgettable memories, many close-up photographs to review, many ticks in the bird book, recollections of many pleasant acquaintances met, and a fondness for Botswana in particular. As intended, once in Zambia we considered ourselves off safari, although the bird walk at Waterberry topped up our bird list considerably. The Victoria Falls from Livingstone Island experience, even at low water, was marvellous. Thank you once again for arranging such a superb experience for us.

    Keith and Sylvia travelled to Botswana and Zambia
Vamizi-Island, Quirimbas, Mozambique


Beach Extensions

Beach extensions to a Botswana safari

Botswana is a land-locked country and does not offer any kind of obvious ‘relaxation’ options above and beyond some extremely comfortable and exclusive safari lodges. If you wish to end you safari with such a lodge, where you can enjoy sitting, reading, sleeping, eating, sunbathing and gazing as opposed to rushing about on activities, then this is easy to engineer.

Alternatively, you could end your holiday with a few nights on the Upper Zambezi near Victoria Falls in Zambia, in the Namib Desert of Namibia, or even Cape Town in South Africa, all of which will offer the potential for a more relaxing final section to your trip, whilst still enjoying a new and incredible experience.

If you are looking for a traditional beach destination to combine with Botswana, then many amazing beach locations can be comfortably reached via Johannesburg in South Africa, including Mozambique, Mauritius, The Seychelles, the South Africa coast and Zanzibar (Tanzania).

Contact us to find out more information on beach extensions while on safari in Botswana. One of our safari specialists would be happy to talk you through the best options.