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Rob into the wilderness of Botswana – April 2015

  As I set off once again into the wilds of Botswana, I pondered on why I am still so enthusiastic to explore this patch of wild Africa. I quickly realised the answer was simple. Botswana offers what... Read More

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Safari Telegraph January 2015

Read our Focus on Zambia, our travels through Tanzania, about the great migration, primates and self driving in Southern Africa – click here to download. Telegraph January 2015  Read More →

Great places in Africa to view Elephants

  Elephants are without doubt one of the most interesting species to watch on safari. Family herds are dominated by a matriarch and their social interactions can easily be seen (and heard) as they... Read More

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Africa under the stars

  All over the world, one of the attractions of places that are far from civilisation are the magnificent night skies. In Africa, known for its ‘big skies’, the clarity of the stars and... Read More

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A Potted History of Botswana

Botswana’s recent history is a dramatic and fascinating tale – from intense colonial politics and dazzling diamonds, to the true love story of unshakable royal romance; this is a colourful country... Read More

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The Birth of Modern Botswana

In this video, Oliver Coulson from Safari Consultants gives an introduction to the recent history of Botswana, from the days of The British Empire, to independence in 1965, and beyond. At the end of... Read More

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Art & Culture of Botswana

In this video, Oliver Coulson from Safari Consultants gives an introduction to the cultural heritage of Botswana’s Khoi people, and San Bushmen, and discusses examples of rock art made by these... Read More

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Conservation in Botswana, an interview with Brian Jackman

Safari Consultants recently interviewed Brian Jackman, the noted Sunday Times and The Daily Telegraph travel journalist, about his a passion for Africa and lion conservation in particular. The above video... Read More

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The Geography of Botswana

In this video, Oliver Coulson from Safari Consultants explains the geological formation of Botswana’s famous Okavango Delta, one of Africa’s finest wildlife regions. Transcript The Okavango... Read More

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THE BUSH IS ALIVE Despite Botswana’s wealth in natural life, one of the things that you will not see on safari in Botswana is a Royal Bengal Tiger. Tigers are not found in the wild in Africa – Africa... Read More

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