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Mary reveals Ruaha – November 2014

  ‘Look across the river’ advised our guide as we arrived at Jongomeru Camp in the remote southern sector of the Ruaha National Park. Doing as instructed I gazed across the dry riverbed... Read More

Rob goes en famille to Mauritius – October, 2104

In October I took my family to Mauritius on holiday, and whilst inevitably I was planning on doing some work whilst I was out there, we were very much on a ‘special’ family trip. Our boys are 7 and... Read More

Fran discovers the vast Selous – October, 2014

  It’s hard to understand the sheer vastness of the Selous Game Reserve. The best comparison I heard during my trip there was that it’s the same size as Switzerland, and with less than twenty... Read More

Bill visits remote Zambia – September 2014

  Although I’ve travelled extensively around Zambia, I had never been to Kasanka National Park or the remote Bangweulu Wetlands and so given the opportunity to take the time to do so at the end... Read More

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Fran on safari in South Africa – September, 2014

  In August, I was in South Africa with my family to celebrate the diamond wedding anniversary of my grandparents who live in Somerset West, a town to the east of Cape Town. After a busy week spent... Read More

Rob compares the Serengeti to the Masai Mara – June, 2014

  Having travelled the length and breadth of the Serengeti (Tanzania) on two occasions during this year, and spent time touring the private conservancies of the Masai Mara (Kenya), I thought it would... Read More

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Fran enters the realm of ‘safari’ – June, 2014

  Everything in Africa is an experience, from the intense rush hour traffic of Nairobi’s baffling roundabouts and the feeling of adventure when boarding a light aircraft heading out into the bush,... Read More

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Mary engrossed with the birds of Kenya – March 2014

  Every time I go to Africa I fall a little bit further under its spell; the endless landscapes, the people and of course the big game, but with each visit I also become more and more enamored with... Read More

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Leopard mother & cub in the Masai Mara

Seeing big cats in Africa is one of the highlights of any safari, but to see cubs is really special and in the case of a leopard, also quite rare – especially when they are relaxed and playful around... Read More

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A Potted History of Botswana

Botswana’s recent history is a dramatic and fascinating tale – from intense colonial politics and dazzling diamonds, to the true love story of unshakable royal romance; this is a colourful country... Read More

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