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News and Blogs

Mary travels back to northern Tanzania – February 2018

  My most recent trip took me back to Tanzania once again. Having explored the remote west of the country last year, this time I followed the more traditional northern circuit. It’s a trip I’ve... Read More

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Gallery of 2017 on safari

Gallery of 2017 on safari

Herewith is a stunning selection of photographs taken by our customers over the last year. Reminisce and enjoy.  Read More →

Joe explores Spice Island Zanzibar and northern Tanzania – December 2017

  My trip began on the fabled island of Zanzibar. After arriving into the island, I headed into Stone Town, arguably one of the cultural epicentres of East Africa. It is a special place and boasts... Read More

Michele returns to KwaZulu Natal – November 2017

  I visited KwaZulu Natal a few years ago with Rob on a whirlwind and I mean a whirlwind trip! A couple of areas that really stuck with me are the Zululand Battlefields and remote beaches of the... Read More

Safari Telegraph – January 2018

Please click here to read our 2018 Safari Telegraph newsletter which includes a focus on Botswana as well as articles on Rwanda, Kenya, KwaZulu Natal in South Africa and the desert elephants of Namibia.  Read More →

Rob self-drives through northern Namibia – November, 2017

  ‘It will beep if you go over 80kms an hour on the gravel’ said the representative at Caprivi Hire Car, as she showed me around my travel companion in Namibia, a Toyota Hilux Double Cab with... Read More

Fran explores KwaZulu Natal – November 2017

  In November, Michele and I took to the roads of the KwaZulu Natal region of South Africa. We covered over 2,500kms over 11 nights and discovered the dramatic scenery, the diverse array of experiences... Read More

Julia travels to the Selous, Ruaha and Zanzibar – October 2017

  This was my first visit to the Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park in southern Tanzania, and to say I was excited before I left was an understatement! I had heard so much about these less... Read More

Mary goes ‘remote’ in Western Tanzania – October 2017

  Irrespective of how many times we travel to Africa, we are continually learning something new. The tourism industry is constantly evolving and there are always new camps to inspect and changes to... Read More

Michele travels back to southern Tanzania – July, 2017

  Southern Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park have always held a special place in my heart.  In March 2005, my first educational with Safari Consultants was to explore these... Read More

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